Nourishment from nature

In nature, we find many common means that can give us nourishment for the plants. Here is an overview of the different ones:

Boron – beetroot grass, milk thistle

Phosphorus (P) – promotes root development – ​​buckwheat, watercress, barley, sorrel, garlic, velvet flower (the flowers), calamus root, chamomile flower, caraway, clover, mugwort, lupine, dandelion, yarrow, meadwort, yarrow, mustard, lemon balm, vetch

Iron - bladderwort, lichen, kelp

Potassium (K) – promotes flowering and fruit formation – borage, orange peel, banana peel, watercress, einkorn, oak bark, fennel, plantain (and all the others in the giant genus), carrot grass, Roman chamomile, glandular sedge, clover, primrose, mugwort, sedge, nettle , peppermint, parsley, yarrow, chicory, cod's mouth

Copper - plantain (and all the others in the giant genus), horse hoof, dandelion, nettles, yarrow, bitter gourd

Magnesium – bladderwort, watercress, carrot grass, horse hoof, horsetail (when green), evening primrose, cow's milkweed, dandelion, meadowsweet, peppermint, parsley, willow bark, seaweed, comfrey

Manganese - measuring stick

Nitrogen (N) – promotes leaf growth – clover, lucerne, nettle, seaweed, comfrey

Silicon – borage, plantain (and all the others in the giant genus), wheat straw, horsetail (when green), dandelion, comfrey, comfrey

Sulfur - watercress, fennel, shepherd's bag, plantain (and all the others in the giant genus), horse hoof, garlic, glandular scallion, primrose, cabbage, onion, meadowsweet, mustard

Should you have a nutrient deficiency on your plants, this could be a good idea to take a look at

Phosphorus deficiency : Leaves darker than usual. Lose leaves.

Iron deficiency : Young leaves turn yellow with green veins. Ripe leaves normal color.

Potassium deficiency : Yellowed edges and tips, especially on young leaves. Dead or yellowed spots on the leaves.

Calcium deficiency : New leaves malformed or stunted in growth. Existing leaves remain green.

Magnesium deficiency : The lowermost leaves turn yellow from the inside, while the nerves remain green.

Manganese deficiency : Yellow spots and/or oblong holes between the nerves.

Nitrogen deficiency : Upper leaves light green, lower down yellow, lower down (older leaves) yellow and dried up.