Retraining part 3 - All Vegetables

If you have read part 1 and part 2, you may be starting to get to know the concept and the common thread of the whole thing we do. Since we are going to retrain to finally potty, we mix stronger. We want an NPK of 5-13-5, but if it is, for example, 6-14-5 or don't do it much! First let me just write a few words. If you mix this soil mix that we make, you do not need to water out the fertilizer later and water in. What we put in the soil, and the pot, the plant should manage well for the whole season. The nutrient used is wholesome, it is long-lasting, and it promotes micro-life in the soil. A number of processes are set in motion when organic material in the soil is broken down together with what has been added and a harmony is created between plant, soil, nutrition and the micro life which is a kind of symbiosis! With artificial fertilizers, you deplete the soil. The soil becomes bad over time, does not retain nutrients. Here, the exact opposite happens. Then you are ready to repot, do it right, avoid dosing more fertilizer in water and manage with it, then just read on.

The steps are not that different from the steps in part 2, but there is some variation. Again, this is what we use on tomato and chili!

First soil. Here we use hasselfΓΆrs' eco soil . We have good experience with this. Loosens up to 50 liters of soil and crumbles larger pieces.

Next we have in Bat Guano . This time we are increasing the dose considerably, approx. 200g per 50l of soil.

Then it's neemcake 's turn. Love this medium. Here we use about 1 dl per 50 l of soil

Add approx. 2-3 dl of Nytta Basalt + , this is super good for the plants!!

Epsom salt sprinkled in, twice as much for the tomatoes. About 1 dl for chilli, 2 for tomato.

Then add 100-150g of Multimineral Seaweed Meal. This contains so much good stuff that you will want it in.

Then we add about 20% perlite .

This mixes well, be CAREFUL to mix it properly…

Then just fill up the pots. We recommend pots of at least 15L. For tomatoes we use 26L poly pots as they drink a lot of water.

Plant the plant carefully, don't mess with the root system so the plants won't move afterwards either πŸ˜€ Don't push the soil around too hard either. Leave it airy.

Then you water a little around the pot!

This is enough for these plants to now have what they need. In May I always make compost tea with high N, and in July compost tea with High P. Chili are sprayed with water every evening, every two weeks they are sprayed with epsom salt and nature's bio organic. The tomatoes should not be sprayed, but when they plant tomatoes they get 1 tablespoon of epsom salt watered in the soil every week, and every fortnight they get a thin solution with nature's bio organic watered in as a supplement to the micro life. If you want really healthy plants with a deep green color and up to 20% more growth, it is strongly recommended to use Seaweed in the leaf spray once a week to every 14 days! This is a panacea. I wish you luck, hope you try, and hope for feedback that this worked well! Because it does πŸ˜‰

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